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Purchased on Google Store :)

download for

free for game please

Did it been v1.0? When I downloaded it first time I always get 1000 resources and items

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring.....

I LOVED IT!! I'm waiting for an update!!!!! I can't find any tutorials so there are some things I can't do :( does anybody knows about a youtube tutorial or something like that?


Tough to figure out when you start off with 10 pages of tutorial and then I get attacked immediately with no idea how to fight back. It would be much better if you get tutorial tips as you play with that much information. Looks neat but I just got frustrated.

Just wondering why when I click on the .exe the first time, it doesn't do anything or it opens but doesn't load and then closes. Then when I try the second time, it says "We cannot find the path or you don't the have permissions." or something like that. Can you please help? Because I really wanna play this game. It looks so cool!

Great game.  I have enjoyed my time in the game a lot!  Keep on updating this and creating.  Very good!

Our review of Etaria. Etaria is the second game we review

how do i play this?

how do i play this?

I've been trying to run it but it crashes on me every time. I use an XP.

I'm not trying to call plagiarism, I'd like to think this is a genuine coincidence, but I have a game on here I have been working on for several months now called "Easteria" that has a similar art style, although my game is top-down. My game is more of an open world adventure, so mechanic wise, they're not very similar, but I did recently add fishing to it. Small world haha

Our game Etaria was released in February of 2016 :)

Like I said, no hate! It looks like a cool game :)

i also have this game on my phone it is fun :P

Very good! :-)


I really like the game and it's in a style that i like, though I still want to give criticism.

The game has... a lot of bad grammar. Things like "Ear bear" and on this page "...You main goal..."

I don't know whether it's a badly hidden konami code or a strange bug, because when i press Q I get better gear and an unlimited supply of resources.

The building/digging system is hard to use. The command to dig should be something like RMB, clicking an icon isn't comfortable. When building you should be able to see what resources you have and there should be a better system for choosing what to build.

The material icons are quite pixelated, so I have a hard time seeing what I have in my inventory. 

The letters in the tutorial look weird and uneven for me. This could probably be fixed by getting rid of the outlines and making the actual letters thicker.

The easy difficulty option shouldn't be called what it is. (See in the video after 6:30) (I also recommend watching the channels other videos)

I hope you could fix these issues. Also, I don't mean to be rude by pointing out these things, I do like the game and would love for you to improve it.

What an adorable game with so much more content than I thought. Keep up the great work I really do love this game it has a beautiful art style and a great concept! 

Thank you.
We'd love your support :)

Great one) 

Thank you.
We'd love your support :)

Is their multiplayer?