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One day, three buddies decided to rob a bank.
But something went wrong and the cops showed up...

Now, these feisty felons need to smarten up and make the most incredible jailbreak. Find the way to freedom while hiding from the guards, searching for key cards to open the locked doors, and avoiding dangerous pitfalls!

Complete 60 levels, and get out of prison at any cost!


  • 60 levels to escape
  • Three characters with unique abilities
  • Challenging levels with puzzles and traps

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Cool premise.

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Hello my name is Bruno, I do Gameplay of Indie Game, I would like to know if your game will have a DEMO, if you have, send me to do a Gameplay on my Youtube channel, to help in the promotion of the game, and also show your game here in my country Brazil ??

My contact email => BiustarGames@outlook.com